Cocktail #1: Negroni

Starting with the classics… decided to make a Negroni today.  This is one of my favourite pre-dinner or patio sipping cocktails and again (like the Old Fashioned) allows for a number of variations based on what you have lying around the house.  A lot of people have their own ratios, but I stick to the basic 1:1:1 ratio of Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin.  These are also great for parties as you can mix all of these in advance and serve over ice! Here’s my version based on what I have lying around right now!

1.0 oz of Botanist Gin
1.0 oz of Carpano Antica
1.0 oz of Campari

Stir over ice and pour over a single large ice cube in a tumbler glass!



Steamworks + Dageraad Brewing East of East Van

We are continuing to try a wide range of local beers!  This time we decided to try East of East Van, a collaboration beer between two Burnaby-based breweries – Steamworks and Dageraad Brewing. This is a bottle-conditioned saison which includes Lime and Pepper which definitely came through when we tasted it.  Overall we found the beer to offer a crisp saison flavour, and definitely could taste the acidity from the lime and some of the pepper later on.  Pretty interesting beer – would we buy it again though? Probably not… we didn’t find the flavours to be particularly unique or bold!

750 mL
6.5% ABV
25 IBU’s


Angela and Michael Rating: 6/10


Four Winds Vexillum

Back again with another beer from Four Winds (Angela’s fave!). I usually enjoy any sort of Imperial IPA or Double IPA so this one was right down my alley clocking it at a whopping 100 IBU’s and 9% ABV.  The beer was super fragrant on the nose when we opened the bottle and we definitely got a lot of grapefruit notes and then a nice clean bitterness to close it off.  Definitely a strong beer not for the faint of heart!

650 mL
9% ABV
100 IBU’s


Angela and Michael Rating: 8/10


Four Winds Nectarous

Decided to try another beer from one of our favourite breweries – Four Winds! The Four Winds Nectarous Dry-Hopped Sour is one of the highly touted beers from this brewery having won a number of awards. We definitely got a whiff of funkiness when opening up the bottle and we found a lot of tropical fruit flavors along with that sour you would expect!  Probably a little too “out there” for our taste buds but was fun to try!

650 mL
5.5% ABV
6 IBU’s

Gold – American Style Sour Ale – Canadian Brewing Awards, 2016
Beer of the Year – Canadian Brewing Awards, 2016
Silver – American Style Sour Ale – Canadian Brewing Awards, 2015

Angela and Michael Rating: 6.5/10